Chimney Caps and Animal Guard

Northeast Chimney Sweeps has built our business in the Woburn and Lexington, Massachusetts area by providing excellent, affordable chimney service.  But hey, don’t just think of us as “the chimney sweeper” but as a full service chimney service company.

Part of our service includes installing and replacing stainless steel chimney caps and copper chimney caps, stainless steel chimney liners, chimney rebuilding and other chimney repairs.  All of our services can be found listed at the top of every page. Here we want to focus on chimney caps for gas and fireplace chimneys and the need for them.  See our General Pricing page for cost.

A chimney cap is known as many things.  Some people call it an animal guard or an animal cap. Others call it a chimney cover since it covers the top of the flue / chimney. What ever you call it, we install it; a cap to protect the chimney from animals, leaves and debris that might otherwise cause damage or problems for your chimney.   Most often customers choose stainless steel chimney caps while often those with older, more ornate homes, copper chimney caps.

Having an animal in your chimney when uncapped is no small thing.

We recommend a chimney cap for all chimneys to cover all flues.  See it as insurance from the drama that may follow if an animal were to become trapped in your chimney at a time when the heat would go on for the heating season or the hot water heater.

Did you know that because of the warmth generated up the gas flue from a gas water heater chimney, a mother animal might chose to have her babies in the flue?  Imagine the emotional impact and mess that would create.
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