Having your chimney cleaned by Northeast Chimney Sweeps is a new experience.

Northeast Chimney Sweeps cleans a chimney slower than anyone!  While our competitors dash in and out of your home in 45 minutes, we allow up to two hours between our appointments. This allows us to assess your chimney’s needs, carefully protect our work area, and thoroughly accomplish a proper and complete chimney cleaning.  How else could we claim, truthfully, to be the best chimney sweep in Lexington, Woburn, Arlington, Waltham, Winchester, Wilmington, Stoneham, Belmont, Tewksbury, Medford, Reading MA and New England; maybe even the country?  Our reputation is best seen where people are searching for the best chimney sweep in Massachusetts;  on Angie’s List, the Arlington List, Belmont List and others.

Chimneys are cleaned on a periodic basis based upon use, type of chimney and type of fuel burned.  A cleaning will remove soot, creosote, debris fallen from outside and particles fallen in from deteriorating flue walls.

Cleaning the chimney clears the flue passage of obstructions to draft, decreasing the possibility of a carbon monoxide spillage into the home. Chimney cleaning can also remove flammable deposits like soot and creosote from flue walls, decreasing the potential of a chimney fire.

People ask us all the time, “How often do we get our chimney flues cleaned?”  Our rules of thumb for chimney cleaning frequency are as follows:

Wood burning Stove flue: Every 1 year

FirePlace Flue: Every 3 years

Oil Burner Flue: Every 5 years

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