General Pricing

Pricing Overview:

  • A single flue cleaning costs $255, the second is only $225 and the third flue is $205
  • A chimney cap will range in price from $150  – 450 including installation.
  • A stainless steel chimney liner will cost in the range of $1600 – 2600 for typical installations.  Rates vary based upon flue length, diameter, roof access and required prep Our coursework writers are online.

Prices are for general purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

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Services and Prices Explanations:

A few considerations about price:  Most customer find our price to be quite reasonable, especially if compared with other like-quality professionals.  But how important is chimney maintenance?  Let’s put things into context:

stainless steel chimney cap on chimney northeast chimney sweepsStainless steel chimney caps – $160 – 450:  Price includes installation, for single to multiple-flue chimneys.  Chimney caps offer a permanent, non-rusting, maintenance-friendly protection, the cost of which seems small compared to that of removing racoons or squirrels from your chimney (or living room).

Chimney cleaning – $255 for a single-flue cleaning.  Well worth the price of avoiding a chimney fire in a fireplace flue, or removing a pile-up of soot and debris restricting the draft in a furnace flue.

chimney saver waterproofing chimney caps northeast chimney sweepsWaterproofing – $85 – 400, depending on surface area.  This is a water-repellent application from Saver Systems that has its primary benefit preservation of brick surfaces, the avoidance of damage caused by water absorption, deterioration, and freeze / thaw damage.  Always much less expensive than fixing masonry structures that were never protected.

Chimney liners – $1600-2600 including installation:  A chimney liner system is a complete single-flue package that includes all supports and connector / adapter components, as well as connection to the appliance; i.e. oil burner.  Chimney lining is certainly our most expensive service.  While most customer quickly understand the importance of having a strong and healthy path through which their heating system can “exhale”, a few wonder if there is another way to return their flue to health.  The truth is there IS another choice.  Your chimney has given 40, 50 or more years of service.  If you would like to return it to its original condition, it can be entirely torn down and rebuilt, brick by brick, clay liner by clay liner.  As you have probably guessed, this alternative is impractical, messy, time consuming, and as much as 15 times more expensive.  It is an alternative chosen by no one.  On the other hand, a new stainless steel liner system is completely installed in one day with no mess and little disruption to the customer’s daytime routine.  Once installed, it provides a permanent correction to a worn-out flue, truly  making your chimney new on its important side, the inside!

TERMS:  No deposit is required, expect on certain specialty work.  Payment in full is required upon job completion for all services.  Every project in unique.  Installations will vary according to chimney construction, manufacturer’s instruction, code requirements, and preferred materials.

Payment Explanation:

NECS accepts cash or checks for payment.  Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.  This keeps things simple for us, and keeps costs lower for you.  You will always know the exact cost of any job before we begin.


We will occasionally require a “1/3 deposit” on custom jobs such as liners or special order chimney caps.  However, most of the time, we will do your work from start to finish without asking or a penny up front.  Our customers are good people and consistently pay on time; and we trust them!

We do ask that you bear in mind and take very seriously that we will be expecting payment in full on the day of job completion.  Whether your job is small or large, we will have, by completion, invested at least our time in it.  In many cases, where materials have been used, we have already paid for them by the time they arrive at your home.

Please be ready to “settle up” when we are finished.  Thank you!