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Serving Woburn, Lexington, Arlington, MA areas

Scheduling an Appointment

For actually scheduling an appointment with Northeast Chimney Sweeps, please visit our Contact Northeast Chimney Sweeps page and use our scheduling form, or you may just call us.   (Here is a list of towns, regularly serviced by Northeast Chimney Sweeps of  Woburn, MA.)

Though Northeast Chimney Sweeps is a year-round, full-service company, the information below explains about scheduling with our company during the busiest 8 months each year.  While the following information should be helpful to you during the busiest time of the chimney service year, we want to stress that every call, at any time of the year, is truly appreciated.

During late summer, fall and winter, in any chimney business, customers may find that making an appointment takes a little longer than usual.   Calling our office is the only way (at this time) to leave us your information.

Northeast Chimney Sweeps specializes in providing high-quality, personal service to each customer.  Sometimes that causes a scheduling backlog in these busiest months (August – February).  As the phones begin to “heat up”, we are forced to take a triage approach to scheduling, which goes as follows:

  1. Past customers with a no-heat emergency
  2. New customers with a no-heat emergency who have been referred by a service person known to us.
  3. Past or new customers needing chimney lining or upgrading (for replacement furnace, etc.)
  4. Past customers who wish to schedule a regular cleaning or other service.
  5. Referred customers who wish to schedule a regular cleaning or other service.
  6. New customers who wish to schedule a regular cleaning or other service.

New Customers  We love you and will get to everyone in a timely manner.  Please understand that we are talking about a matter of hours or a day’s difference in our busiest times.

If you fit into one of the above categories and have not gotten a return call, please check to see that you are calling from a town which we normally serve, and are asking for a service that we are  currently offering.

We strongly encourage you to consider calling during he months of February, March and April, when our call volume is lighter and we are able to give you more time and attention.  Remember, every call, at any time of the year, is truly appreciated.

( 781 )   935 – 5488 office phone; day or night.

When can we schedule you?

Upon requesting an appointment, you can expect a call back, usually within 24-48 hours, to set you up on the schedule.  Wait time will depend on the type of service you require and the time of year.  If you are an existing customer and wish to schedule an appointment 1 month or more in advance, you might try our  Contact Northeast Chimney page.

Cleaning appointments can be completely arranged by telephone with no prior visit.  Appointment availability usually averages less than 1 week, but may be as early as the next day if we have a cancellation.   In our busiest time of year, typically August through December, wait times occasionally exceed 3 weeks.  Special consideration is given to emergency call, but previously booked appointments are never bumped.

Liner installations can usually be complete within 10 days of your call; more often 7 days.  A first visit is required to inspect the chimney, take measurements and present you with a work proposal.  This proposal includes an exact price to the dollar.  This visit is free.  If you approve the proposal, we will then order all necessary materials and your liner can usually be completely installed one week later.  It is normally done in one full day.  Please see our page General Pricing for this type of work.

A final note about availability.  We offer the bulk of our appointments in the middle of the work week – Monday, Tuesday and Fridays – generally reserving Wednesday and Thursdays for larger projects and emergency services.  We recognize that limiting our service days can be inconvenient to some customers.  We further recognize that the other larger chimney companies can offer greater availability, some even on weekends.  It is our hope you will find us to be the company worth the wait..

For those of you who have been with us for a number of years, you may have remembered our Fridays were “Daddy Days”, a day of family investment begun by Joe in 1998.   Mama and our 5 children surely appreciated your understanding for so long.

We hope to be able to provide you with the care and service you deserve.  Thank you for your patronage and friendship.