Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Systems Installed

A chimney liner is a complete single-flue smoke & exhaust venting system that includes all support and connector / adapter components, a specific length of specialty alloy pipe, and final connection to the heating appliance being vented: ie: an oil or gas-fired boiler or furnace.

Chimney lining is our most expensive service.  Most customers quickly understand the importance of having a strong and healthy path through which their heating system can “exhale”, but some still wonder if there is another way to return their flue to health.  Well, there is another choice.  Your chimney has given 40, 50 or more years of service.  If you would like to return it to its original condition, it can be entirely torn down and rebuilt brick by brick, clay liner by clay liner.

As you may have guessed, this alternative is impractical, messy, time consuming, and as much as 15 times more expensive than to re-build.  It is an alternative chosen by no one.  On the other hand, a new stainless steel liner system is completely installed in one day with no mess and little disruption to the customer’s daytime routine.  Once installed, it provides a permanent correction to a worn-out flue, truly making your chimney new on its important side, the inside!

We calculate the price of each stainless steel chimney liner based upon many factors, each unique to every home. A primary criteria that we consider will relate to a chimney liner’s diameter (5, 6, 7, 8” round). Taking your heating system’s BTU rating into account we calculate the correct size liner pipe, and then factor in other variables such as chimney height, roof access, difficulty of installation, number of appliance connections, etc.  This gives us the complete chimney liner cost.

We work hard to ensure two things: that our liner installation will perform right upon first installation, and that what we have completed will be easy to maintain for future service personnel. As a final consideration on price, please note that some of our competitors will offer a lower priced liner. We distinguish our projects by doing neat and careful work, using top-quality components, not flimsy knock-off brands. We properly prepare your chimney prior to inst allation so we can present a completed project with no compromise and no need for apologies.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner prices – $1600 – 2600 including installation – See our liner pricing page.