Chimney Liner Prices

We at Northeast Chimney Sweeps think you should have some idea of the price of a stainless steel chimney liner before you call.  Although stainless steel chimney liner prices may vary with certain variables, and over time, they will generally be within the range of $1600 – 2600 for most customers.

Prices are for general purposes only and are subject to change without notice.  If you have an estimate more than 1 year old with chimney liner prices check back here at Northeast Chimney Sweeps before having your work done.

For more information about how chimney liner prices are calculated visit our Stainless Steel Liner Prices page.

Please call us for more information: (781) 935 – 5488

If you would like to schedule a date for the future you may use the form below to send us some of your available times.

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This service is only for those who wish to schedule 1 month or more in advance. When you submit your service request we will match this against our schedule and get back to you with a confirmation of dates or suggested others.  If you do not hear from us within 3 days please call us at 781-935-5488 and remind us you have used this form.  The internet can be touchy at times.

Please give us 3 dates with times you are available for cleaning maintenance or previously discussed repair work.